Bowdon Nursery School

Outstanding Childcare
in Bowdon, Altrincham

Bowdon Nursery School

Quality Childcare
in Bowdon, Altrincham

Bowdon Nursery School

We are privileged to be part of Bowdon Parish community; we have a strong and supportive relationship with Bowdon Church School and our local churches. We are graded ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted. 

A Little About Us

As you would expect from an Ofsted rated ‘outstanding’ nursery we have qualified and experienced teachers who skillfully plan opportunities for purposeful play throughout the day.  Our nursery has a Christian ethos to provide a caring environment and to nurture strong moral values including kindness, sharing and tolerance.  

We use the great outdoors whenever we can, rain or shine.  We understand childrens’ desire to be active. We have ample space for every child to be active both inside and outside with our trikes, balance boards and games equipment. The garden is ours to use for each and every hour of our sessions, there is no turn taking or waiting, we use free flow as much as we can for those children who want the sky as their roof!

Your child is very likely to achieve the World Health Organisation (WHO) recommended 3 hours of physical activity a day whilst with us.

We have healthy food prepared by the school cook, your child will often eat al fresco.

Open ended resources help to inspire and make little minds inquisitive to the wider world.

Activities, resources and equipment are carefully planned and updated regularly to encourage curiosity to develop further knowledge and understanding. Confident, independent children with a love of learning is the aim. For creatives there is always painting, drawing and malleable play, for the designers and builders there is always several types of construction and intriguing puzzles to be solved, for the nature lovers there is the pond, plants in the sensory garden, birds in our trees and bugs in our bug house.

But most importantly your child will learn and grow, play and explore, engage and investigate, get creative, get messy, laugh and be free. The early years are the most magical time and we embrace it, it’s our passion.

We are a bijou nursery with just one class of 3 and 4 year-olds.

The Daily Mile

The aim of the daily mile at Bowdon Nursery is help your child understand the value of exercise at an early age and we hope this will set them up for a love of fitness throughout their life, looking after their mind and body. Each day we start the Daily Mile on the purpose built running track and throughout the year your child makes progress. Often they can run a mile before they move up to reception. It’s always fun and social, lots of chat with their friends and at their pace with a 100% inclusive ethos. The teachers run the mile too. There is lots of research about the impact of the Daily Mile on your child’s health and wellbeing*

* Universities of Stirling and Edinburgh: Booth JN, Chesham RA, Brooks NE, Gorely T, Moran CN. A citizen science study of short physical activity breaks at school : improvements in cognition and wellbeing with self-paced activity. BMC Med. 2020;18(62).

A few sessions are still available.

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